Monday, August 17

Chic Shorts

Chic Shorts

No, this post's title is not an oxymoron. While cut off and (ack!) cargo shorts seem to proliferate with summer’s swelter, sophisticated shorts also abound. Look for versions with flattering wide legs that skim and slim your hips and thighs (cargo shorts do not do this), and smart details like flat front pockets, tie-waists closures, and delicate pleats. There are tons of styles now on sale for $100 or less (see my favorites above), though you may wish to splurge: As shorts have been a casual wear staple since the 1930s, there’s no need to worry that your posh shorts will suddenly fall out of fashion (though those cut off and cargo styles probably should).


S.S.W. Asks: What's YOUR favorite shorts style?

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