Monday, June 29

Obsessions: Tibi Agathe Pleated Culottes

1940s culottes sewing pattern via Pinterest
Tibi Agathe Pleated Culottes, $287.50,

Culottes – a.k.a. the coolest pants for summer 2015, both in temperature and in chic – have enjoyed a long history in fashion. Originally “culottes” referred to men’s knee-length trousers, but the term was co-opted for womenswear in the nineteenth century, when women adopted long split skirts (“culottes”) for horseback riding. Since then, they have popped in and out of women’s fashion, and in an array of silhouettes and patterns. I am currently smitten by modern-day culottes with vintage vibes, like this splurge-worthy pair by Tibi. With its crisp pleats and streamlined silhouette, it evokes the sleek styles of the 1940s -- making it a timeless style and worthy wardrobe investment.  $287.50,

S.S.W. Asks: Would YOU splurge for this trend?


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