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Tried & Tested: What to Wear on a Road Trip

At Elvis Presley's Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

Long time, no post! I apologize for the long hiatus, but this past month has been crazy -- in the very best way. My beau and I recently completed a road trip across the United States, which was amazing! If you have not road tripped yet, I highly recommend it; America is truly a big and beautiful country.

But before we left for our grand adventure, I had a small fashion crisis: I had no idea what to pack. We were traveling for eight days across a span of the country that ranged in temperature from the low 50s to the low 80s, and could only pack one small carry on suitcase each. Before I left, I scoured the 'net for ideas, but was disappointed by suggestions I found, from the impractical (different accessories for each outfit, dry clean-only clothes) to the outlandish ($1,000+ dresses). So I made my own guidelines and am happy to report that my packed wardrobe worked out just fine

My best tips? Stick to one color palette so all items coordinate, select items that will mix-and-match and layer together easily, bring accessories that will match all of your outfits, and remember that comfort is key (you will be sitting in a car for long stretches of time). Another tip: Pack clothes that are machine washable as they will undoubtedly get dirty along the way. Halfway through our journey, we stopped at a laundromat to wash all of our threads, which worked out very well. 

Need more help? Check out these wardrobe suggestions - based on my own road trip suitcase - for inspiration.

What To Pack for a Road Trip


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