Sunday, December 28

Fab Find: H&M's Wool-Blend Coat

Happy Holidays, S.S.W. readers! I hope you are enjoying the season... and this weekend's post-holiday sales! Among other fabulous fashions - cashmere sweaters! furry cossack hats! - I found this beautiful wool-blend coat with quilted bottom half on sale at H&M for $70.00 (orig., $129.00). The coat's zigzagging quilting - achieved by stitching two or more layers of material together - not only jazzes up it's classic shape, but makes it extra warm to wear. Maybe that's why quilting has been used on coats, blankets, skirts, and more for several millennia? In any case, it's a perfect fit for when the weather outside is indeed frightful.

S.S.W. Asks: What post-holiday fashion deals have YOU found?


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