Thursday, July 17

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Image courtesy of Little Baby's Ice Cream

If you know me - or have been in the same room as me for about five minutes - then you know that I love ice cream. Not just love ice cream; I adore ice cream. From it's ooey-gooey consistency to its creamy deliciousness, to the fact that I can top it with pretty much any hard candy, soft candy or liquid candy I desire, I think ice cream is the best kind of sweet treat. In fact, I so love ice cream that my very first job was as a soda jerk at an ice cream parlor. So naturally, as a resident of the City of Brotherly Love for the past few years, I've scoured every inch of Philadelphia in search of the perfect scoop. See my favorites in my latest post for Girl Around Town

And in other exciting news, BELLA NYC magazine just released the digital version of their July/August summer issue featuring cover girl Laura Prepon. See my work as the magazine's Fashion Director in the issue's fashion spreads and "Style Report".

I hope you enjoy!


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