Monday, June 23

Look for Less: Op Art Dresses

 Donna Karan Printed Silk Halterneck Gown, now $1,647.50,; Maeve Channeled Dot Dress, now $89.95,

 In the 1960s, artists embraced bold graphics in the form of optical illusions, and fashion designers have followed suit ever since. I'm not going to trace the use of optical illusions throughout fashion history because W. magazine did it fabulously in this article; however, I am going to point out these stylistically similar (yet very price different) examples of op art's latest fashion incarnation. These printed halter dresses boast eye-catching black-and-white lines and dots that elongate the wearer, plus shoulder-flattering halternecks and color-blocked hems. But Donna Karan's dress is on sale now for $1,647.50, while Maeve's is $89.95. 

S.S.W. Asks: Which style would YOU choose?  


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Brittiny said...

Who doesn't love a good look for less! Great find!