Thursday, May 22

'Toon Time

While I was researching the recent history of 2-D fashions for this post, I stumbled upon this spread of whimsical cartoon-inspired designs in Vogue's February 2003 issue. I fondly remember this trend: I had a vintage Minnie Mouse t-shirt that I wore non-stop. "Friends" teased me by saying that Minnie looked like Mickey in drag; little did they know that this only made me love her and the t-shirt more.
As Helmut Lang remarked in the Vogue article, cartoons were popular with punks, "who always used cartoon images for t-shirt prints," and in 2003, as the article's author Lynn Yaeger astutely observed, were "a welcome antidote to troubled times." (Keep in mind, this article was written a year and a half after 9/11.) I don't feel times are less troubled today, and wholeheartedly welcome back this trend. While Minnie didn't survive the hiatus - she took one too many spins in the clothes dryer - I plan on taking myself and my style less seriously with these looney 'toons.
'Toon Time

S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU wear cartoons on your sleeves (shoes, pants, etc.)?

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Nice things :)