Wednesday, May 14

Jump From Paper With Two-Dimensional Fashions

 Comme des Garçons Fall 2012 RTW,; Jump From Paper's Jazz Handbag, $120.00,
At her Fall 2012 runway presentation, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons declared, "Two dimensions are the future" of fashion, and her ensuing collection was filled with an assortment of oversized, flat garments in vivid colors and bold patterns. Flash forward to 2014 and it seems Kawakubo's vision is really becoming a reality thanks, in part, to the innovative accessory designs of the Taipei-based design duo Chay Su and Rika Lin. Su and Lin founded JumpFromPaper™, a playful and innovative line of two-dimensional handbags priced at $150.00 or less. Thanks to cartoon-like outlines and comically bright colors, the handbags appear to have been pulled from a (very fashionable) comic book. And although they appear slim, the handbags have roomy interiors that will hold all of your essentials, including iPads and tablets.
I, for one, love the idea of playing with the dimensions of our clothes and accessories. If you think about it, much of the fashions we encounter today are two-dimensional -- accessed online, on tablets, or other digital platforms that eliminate depth. Kawakubo's, Su's and Lin's designs simply make this interface a physical reality. This said...
S.S.W. Asks: What do YOU think of two-dimensional fashions? Would YOU wear these designs?

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