Saturday, April 5

Tried & Tested:'s Graceful Sleeveless Pleated Dress

Last month I was invited to join's i-Try Program. is a global online fashion retail company that offers high quality, trendy clothing at factory direct prices. Their i-Try Program allows select bloggers to sample the company's many style-setting fashions and give their feedback. As I am all about wallet-friendly fashion, I was delighted to give one of their products a try.
I ordered their Graceful Sleeveless Pleated Dress - a simple, sleeveless shirtdress with an elastic waistband and midi-length pleated skirt. (If you recall from this post, I am a BIG fan of shirtdresses, which have been a women's wardrobe staple since the mid-twentieth century.) Although it did take a long time for the dress to arrive (about three weeks), once it did, I was enamored of it. Not only does the dress fit well and feel great on, but it is really well-made. Check out this close-up shot for a better look:

 And the best part? The dress retails for just $11.00! ($11.00, people?!) Now pick your jaw off of the floor and log on to to see all of their affordable styles for yourself.

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