Monday, February 24

Fab Finds: The Beatles Yellow Submarine by VANS

Beatlemania is back! After celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Ed Sullivan debut earlier this month, The Beatles have joined forces with Vans to release a collection of footwear showcasing the unique artwork from their famed Yellow Submarine album and film (1968). The artwork -- hailed a "comically hallucinogenic landscape" by The New York Times -- was created by illustrator and graphic designer Heinz Edelman. Although the album was not well-received, the movie was "a smash hit, delighting adolescents and esthetes alike," as Time magazine noted in 1968, and remains so today, in addition to being regarded as the forerunner of the modern day music video.
The shoes are scheduled to hit stores sometime next month, but you can keep an eye out for them by signing up here.  

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Charlottka said...

Nice and funny shoes!:)