Thursday, January 16

Under $100: Mint Condition

Under $100: Mint Condition

Among Pantone's spring color picks is a minty green, a pale pastel tint of spring green (a.k.a. the green that is that is exactly halfway between cyan and green on the color wheel). Mint green is reputedly derived from the interior color of an after dinner mint, but whether or not this is true, the color still looks delicious. In contrast to vibrant radiant orchid, Pantone's Color of the Year, mint green is light and refreshing -- a hue that's not too bold or too subdued, but just the right color to for your wardrobe. Perhaps this is why fashion designers have loved mint green for women's clothes and accessories for decades, from Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s, to Arnold Scaasi in the 1980s, to Donna Karan and Kate Spade today. Effortlessly add this perennially pretty color to your closet with clothes, accessories, and more for under $100.00.


Chaucee // said...

Love that bag!

Charlottka said...

I love love love mint colour!!! I need spring now!:)

Ylenia Cuéllar said...

I love mint! But for some reason I don't really have many things in this color
Beautiful board!!