Tuesday, December 17

Look for Less: Long Lace Skirts

Although lace-making is an ancient craft, lace as we know it -- openwork fabric created by looping, twisting, or braiding threads with a needle or many needles -- didn't exist until the 1500s. Since then, the fabric has been a must have for stylesetters, from Queen Elizabeth I (who passed sumptuary laws that stipulated who could and could not wear the fabric) to Lady Gaga (who arguably would have not been permitted to wear lace during Elizabeth's reign). Although everyone can wear lace today, it's democratization has not made it any less resplendent. Show the world your fashion savvy this holiday season with long lace party skirts at high and low prices; from Tibi's full, festive party skirt (left, $495.00, Shopbop.com) to Free People's longer, pleated version (right, $94.49, LordAndTaylor.com).
S.S.W. Asks: Which lace skirt would YOU wear?

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