Thursday, December 12

Laura's Picks: Kenneth Jay Lane's Butterfly Necklace

Although I've been working on some fabulous fashion content for BELLA NYC's January/February 2014 "New Year, New You" issue, it's the issue's articles on renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth that have brightened my outlook on the year ahead. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that these concepts are not only inspiring my mind, but my end-of-year wardrobe, too. Case in point: My renewed interest in butterflies -- well, butterfly-covered clothes and accessories, to be more specific. 
The insects have been symbols of metamorphosis and rebirth for centuries, from ancient Egypt to the Art Nouveau -- to the most recent runways. Innovative and imaginative, Kenneth Jay Lane's oversized Butterfly Necklace (ShopBop, $122.00) is my perfect end-of-year pick-me-up.
S.S.W. Asks: What fashions are inspiring YOUR end-of-year style?

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