Monday, October 7

Obsessions: Clear Box Clutches

Are you looking for an accessory that can do double (triple or quadruple) duty? Look no further than the clear box clutch. First popularized in the 1950s, women would line these bags with scarves to stylishly conceal their contents. The scarves changed with each outfit, helping mid-century fashionistas create many different looks from a single clutch. With more than a nod to this practical mid-twentieth-century style, retailers and designers are offering an array of clear box clutches this fall, from Nordstrom's candy-colored clutch ($48.00) to Charlotte Olympia's luxe version with interchangeable pouches ($995.00). (And if you're in Philadelphia, The Geisha House in Old City has clear clutches with embossed leather pouches inside for about $50.00.) While I love the idea of "going vintage" by adding a boldly patterned scarf to a transparent clutch, I find that a quirky pouch (as seen above in The New York Times) provides a bit of modern whimsy.


southfeasterdelphia said...

Love these clutches, do they come in mom bag size? That sister pouch will make a mighty fine birthday gift for my sissy, thank you for sharing!

Diana Marks said...

love clear clutches!
LA By Diana

Elsa de Diego said...

So cool! ;) BTW, love the new blog design. I need one myself badly! xo,