Sunday, October 27

Happy 75th Anniversary, Nylon!

Nylon leg display, Los Angeles, California. Image via DuPont; Commando Sheer Pin Dot Tights via
On this day in 1938, DuPont introduced nylon, a synthetic thermoplastic that would revolutionize women's hosiery. Although first used commercially to make toothbrush bristles, nylon caused a sensation when it replaced the need for silk in women's hosiery. Nylon tights were not only more affordable than their silk counterparts, but also more durable, washable, and stain-resistant.
Today, nylon remains the go-to material for women's tights. Celebrate the anniversary with a pair of vintage-inspired nylons, like Commando's sheer pin dot tights ($32.00,, or by popping by one of the many events commemorating the anniversary, like the Hagley Museum and Library's exhibition, “Fashion Meets Science: Introducing Nylon.”
S.S.W. Asks: Do YOU wear nylons?

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