Sunday, September 8

Look for Less: Pointed-Toe Mary Janes

Bar-strap shoes have been popular with children since the nineteenth century, although they officially became known as Mary Janes in the early twentieth century. In 1904, the Brown Shoe Company purchased the name's license from Richard Felton Outcault, illustrator of the Buster Brown comic strip and its strappy-shoe wearing leading lady, Mary Jane. By the 1920s, the shoes were no longer just for kids, but available in silky satins for fashion-forward women as well. From Shirley Temple to Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Janes have remained popular with stylesetters throughout the decades, undergoing subtle changes with each generation. (Just think of the chunky-heeled Mary Janes of the 1990s.) This season, pointed-toe Mary Janes of all shoe shapes and sizes are in style -- like these beauties at high and low prices:

Funky Flats

Cap Toe Pumps

Stylish Slingbacks


Classic Heels