Sunday, August 11

Noteworthy News: H&M Launches US Online Shopping!

On Thursday, H&M launched online shopping in the US. I checked out the retailer's online shop this weekend... and it is awesome. The website features all of the same fabulous fast fashions you'd find for men, women and kids in H&M's stores plus home décor. (AWESOME.)
I've already loaded up my virtual shopping cart with key pieces for fall, such as this cozy-glam beaded sweatshirt. Beaded sweatshirts are definitely a trend for fall (à la Lanvin, below)...
 ...and H&M's version is at a price even my accountant will love.
 S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU shop H&M online?


Charlottka said...

I like second blouse:)

Almost Precious said...

I'll certainly check them out.
H&M's $49.95 beaded shirt runs circles around one that sells for 1,415.00. :)