Monday, August 26

Look for Less: Floral Jacquard Sweaters

 Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752–1834) revolutionized textile manufacturing in 1801, when he unveiled his eponymous loom. Jacquard simplified the production of complex textiles, such as damasks and brocades, and patterned knits by programming his loom to automatically raise warp threads, an otherwise tedious process. Thick Jacquard knits are not only ideal for keeping warm in cool and cold weather, but also for shoppers on a budget. Jacquard knits are often double-sided and reversible, which means you can wear them two-different ways (thus lowering your CPW). This season, snuggle up stylishly in a floral jacquard knit sweater. Just remember to flip it and reverse it afterwards.




Dale Janee @Savvy_Spice said...

I love the BB Dakota one! Great post


Almost Precious said...

For the price the BB Dakota sweater is most attractive - though I find the unique sleeves of the Zara floral sweater very enchanting.