Tuesday, August 20

Always On Trend: Gold Chains

 Gold chains have been worn since antiquity, when Egyptian leaders lavishly adorned their necks with layers of golden strands. The chains have served as symbols of their wearer's wealth and power throughout history, as seen in many an Egyptian, Roman, and Renaissance portrait. In the twentieth century, the necklaces were perhaps most famously popularized by black rappers and actors in the 1980s (think Mr. T), and are worn today by rappers, starlets, songstresses, and stylesetters alike. 
Scroll down to my five favorite gold chains throughout history and snag their modern day versions.
Bust of Queen Nefertiti, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, ca. 1340 BCE

Mummy Portrait of a Woman, Egypt, Roman Period, AD 55-70

Portrait of a Woman, Flemish, second quarter of the sixteenth century
Sixteenth-Century Style: Fornash Gold Links Collection, $38.00
Mr. T
Lana del Rey 



Almost Precious said...

I tend to wear smaller chains and really like Marc Jacobs gold chain, it is simple and can be worn with just about any style.

Mr. T always did carry the gold chain thing to extremes. :D

Anonymous said...
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