Friday, July 12

Adventures: Shopping in Greece, Part II: Athens

I acknowledged earlier this week that I'd been delayed from posting the second part of our Greek shopping adventures. (In case you missed it, you can check out part one here.) Life as a newlywed is lovely, but very busy, especially as we continue to set up our first place.
After honeymooning in Santorini, Kevin and I visited Athens for several days, where we spent one afternoon shopping in Glyfada.
The streets of Glyfada.
Glyfada is a fashion-conscious suburb that has been hailed, among other things, the Hellenic Hamptons and the Beverly Hills of Greece. With these nicknames in mind, we set out to find great fashions by local designers, much like we did in Santorini and when we visited Panama last year.
Wrangler, anyone?
I was a smidge disappointed (and I think Kevin was, too) when we first arrived in Glyfada, because many of the stores were American! Although I am happy to support American clothing brands as much as many of my fellow patriots, but I don't want to shop for Lee's or Wrangler's when not in the States. (#truestory)
The biggest Zara we've ever seen.
That said, Kevin and I were excited after we turned a corner and found a huge multi-floor Zara. Although we have the Spanish clothing chain in the U.S., we both find the men's and women's selections stateside to be rather limited. We loved scouring the many clothing racks in the Athens' store for new threads.
Plus, we finally got to see a real-life Zara home section -- which was AMAZING. We swooned for their neon pillow covers, prettily printed lampshades and luxe-looking loungewear.
But in terms of local stores, my favorite -- hands-down -- was Sugarfree. Sugarfree offers women casual yet stylish lingerie, loungewear, activewear and swimwear (my favorite!) at 20 stores through Europe and Middle East, including one in the Athens airport. I snagged this classic halter bikini top in red with matching side tie bottoms from the Glyfada store...
... and then one in seafoam green as well as this bikini for Crista before our flight home. Sugarfree or not, I was addicted.


Elsa de Diego said...

Great buy! Can't go wrong with a classic halter bikini. Also, I know exactly how you feel. As a Spaniard, when I was living in the USA, I never particularly enjoyed shopping in Zara. Anyway...I am so happy to hear you had a great time in Greece. Xo,

Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post..
Would you like to follow each other..!!
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Charlottka said...

HUGE Zaraaaa! Heaven!!!<3