Sunday, June 2

Labels to Love: Quay Eyeware

Statement sunglasses are always a must for summer, and this summer is no different. Most of the fashion magazines have been showcasing $200+ designer frames, but what statement do sunnies so costly really make? (I'll let you make conjectures here, gentle readers.) High price shades are not my thing, so I've been searching for more affordable but equally stylish options. After weeks of searching, Quay Eyeware Australia's funky frames have emerged my hands-down favorites. The line was founded by designers (and music lovers) Linda and Allen Hammond in 2004, when they began peddling their fun sunglasses roadside on Melbourne, Australia's music festival circuit. Nine years later, the duo continues to produce bright, funky frames for about $40.00 or less a pair. Now that's my kind of statement.
S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU wear Quay Eyeware?

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Josie said...

These are super cute -- I like the Wisdm ones.
xo Josie