Monday, June 3

Fab Finds: Genie By Eugenia Kim Penny Lace Twist Turban Headband

Image via Shopbop
I've been advocating for the return of the turban since 2010. If you recall this post where I briefly trace the history of turbans in Western fashion, I feel that the headpieces are a glamorous way to tame otherwise unruly tresses, especially in the summer. (Thanks, heat and humidity.) Although in 2010 I opted for BCBG's classically-styled version, this season turban-headband hybrids are more my speed. (And Crista's, too. She's bought five of them.) Among my faves is Genie by Eugenia Kim's Penny Lace Twist Turban Headband (, $38.00). I snagged one from Shopbop (where it has since sold out) for my upcoming honeymoon in Greece. I started packing for the trip today, and can attest that the turban looks good with everything. Sun dresses? Check. Bikinis? Check. Shorts? Check. The ideal accessory for a place where the average temperature is 86 degrees.
S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU wear turban headbands this summer?


Josie said...

I could never pull this off, but it's super cute!
xo Josie

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very cute!