Thursday, April 18

Laura's Picks: Three Dots Minnie Mortimer Cutout Twist Dress

From crop tops to cutout dresses, skin is "in" this season. But go too far with this trend and you'll risk overexposure. I suggest taking the plunge like a lady in Three Dots Minnie Mortimer Cutout Twist Dress ($140.00). With its three-quarter sleeves and full, knee-covering skirt, this casual LBD's revealing stomach cutout is hardly vulgar.
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S.S.W. Asks: Would YOU wear this style?


Diana Marks said...

I like this dress!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Josie said...

This is SO cute. I love the cutouts!
xo Josie

Imogen said...

Yes I like this style. But like you said it is important to get it right and not over expose. I have one dress which is similar to this style.

Charlottka said...

Amazing! I have to find something similar!