Thursday, March 14

Ask & Receive: A Post-Pregnancy Party Dress

Earlier this month, I noted that with spring comes a slew of happy occasions -- many of which require some form of cocktail attire. Several of our dear friends recently gave birth to beautiful baby girls and boys, and asked us to find them a dress that would flatter their post-pregnancy bodies this party season -- and next. Enter Maggy London's sheath dress. This dress flatters all figures with it's forgiving, slightly stretch fabric, clavicle-accentuating V-neck, and tummy-tucking ruched bodice. Available in bordeaux, freesia and black at Nordstrom for $128.00.


southfeasterdelphia said...

Va-va-voom! That dress is smoking hot, and the waist detail will surely hide some lumps and bumps. Although, a full-chested gal should probably steer clear of it regardless of mom status.

It also depends on how soon after baby you have to party it up! Will baby be with you? Are you nursing? I'm going with the Hatch Silk Airplane Dress for a June farm wedding TWO WEEKS post-baby. It's on sale while supplies last! The baby will be with me, I will still be sore from surgery, and I plan to nurse. The front button placket allows just enough room for this. I have no idea what size I will be, and I won't feel well enough to go shopping in such a short time frame. Best to go with something loose that soon after baby. Don't be fooled by celebrities with personal trainers, you will not fit in normal sizes for months.

If you have a little more time after baby and don't need to nurse at the event, I love my Tadashi Shoji asymmetric ruched mesh gown from Nordstrom. It is forgiving and flattering for all body types...I've lent it out more than I've actually worn it!

You can probably find something that does the trick if you look for a wrap or button down dress. I had luck with a Banana Republic sheath dress 4 years ago post-baby, and a quick BR search just now yielded some new new mom dress possibilities, especially if you have time to try it on. Another place to look for something a little more casual is Shabby Apple.

Clearly, I could write a novel about this topic!

Diana Marks said...

That's lovely!

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TheOtherSideofCool said...

What a great thought, this would be perfect for post pregnancy or even people wanting to dress up who feel a little self conscious about their tummy! Beautiful xx

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Sixth Tractate said...

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