Tuesday, February 19

Hot or Not? Rihanna for River Island

All images courtesy of River Island.
Rihanna debuted her River Island collection to fans, fashionistas, and fellow celebrities at London Fashion Week on Saturday night. So far, reactions to the collection have been mixed. The Daily Beast called the spring line "porny" and a "horror show;" The Huffington Post added, "We have a feeling that shoppers won't be very forgiving either." The Daily News noted that the bra tops and belly chains "mimicked styles Rihanna herself has been seen in," but was skeptical that these styles could be worn by real women. People magazine echoed these sentiments: "It wasn’t difficult to see why the show wasn’t critically beloved, but there’s no denying Rihanna’s influence was clearly visible, from the belly chains to the see-through mesh tops to the high-slit skirts. In fact, a large part of the problem may be that the only person who can pull these clothes off is Rihanna herself."
Scroll down to see the entire collection and hear my thoughts.

 I agree that the collection reflects Rihanna's own edgy style and that the ensembles are risqué. But let me pose a question to you, gentle S.S.W. reader: Who really buys full ensembles nowadays? The ensembles as ensembles probably wouldn't work for most women. But what about piece by piece? I rather like the cropped turtlenecks and striped bra top -- which are very on trend, I might add -- and would layer them with other (read: less revealing) pieces from my wardrobe to create my own look. And I think that (creating your own look) is really Rihanna's point. As Rihanna to Vogue UK, "I wanted all types of girls to be able to wear this and feel comfortable but edgy."
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Elsa de Diego said...

As a was reading the media reviews you featured at the beginning of the post, I was thinking exactly what you said at the end: that it may work piece by piece instead of the whole ensemble. Anyway, to me the collection is awful! Very Rihanna...but in my opinion, not even a gorgeous girl like Rihanna can pull this off....Great post, darling!

Diana Marks said...

It's very edgy and reflects Rihanna's style perfectly. I am not sure I could wear anything from this collections though.

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