Sunday, December 16

Under $50 Holiday Dresses

Countless websites (fashion or not) have posted "affordable" women's dresses for the holidays over the past few weeks. Though prices range, most websites have been featuring dresses that retail for $100.00 or less. But here's the truth: Options abound for much less than $100.00! I scoured the 'net and found some festive holiday dresses that will help you sparkle -- including maternity and plus-size -- all for under $50.00.
(Top that, InStyle.)

S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU shop these styles?


Diana Marks said...

Beautiful affordable dresses!!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Tanvi said...

These are all at good price points. I love that cut out dress. So sexy!

Crazy & Co.

ELISA said...

My fav is the first one!

Qué Acierto! said...

Any one of these dresses are a perfect choice for next Christmas.

About Last Weekend said...

I'm not pregnant but that Heidi one is lovely (and my just at the knee length too)

Emily said...

I'd love to have a new sparkly dress this year, and of course, I don't want to spend a ton of money! I'm trying really hard not to spend my clothes dollars on anything that harms the environment or human rights anymore, though. No more sweat shops. That makes the bargains harder to find, but at least consignment shops are still an option!!