Tuesday, December 11

"To Wait or Not to Wait: The Great Baby Debate"

I interrupt our fashion blog to share today's post for Bridal Guide magazine's "Real Brides Speak Out" column. Even if you skipped the title, you still probably surmised that my latest post focuses on babies thanks to this picture of the newly-expecting royal couple. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for a year and half, but every couple's baby timetable is different. So I asked my friends, "When is the right time to have kids, exactly?" Click here to see how they responded!


ELISA said...

Well the right time is when u really feel like having a child ... u must be sure and want it badly 'cause it's a great change in life

Charlottka said...

Their child will be beautiful

Harija said...

Great post... really interesting!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Blond Duck said...

Heading right over....we're trying for kids but I'm still terrified!

About Last Weekend said...

I pretty much waited to the last minute. But really there is no good time and you're never prepared but it is wondrous and magical in any configuration!