Thursday, November 22

Hot or Not? The Return of Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Now that you've finished picking Thanksgiving turkey out of your teeth, you may be turning your attention to the slew of upcoming December holidays. (With Black Friday advertisements abounding, how could you not?) I was sifting through Black Friday sales online, and noticed something: to every website I turned, there was an ugly holiday sweater to be found. 

I admit to owning one (okay... five) holiday sweaters when I was a girl in the late 1980s, but thankfully haven't worn any in decades -- and don't intend on wearing one anytime soon. (Truth: The Sur La Table bottle cover may make it onto my Christmas wish list.) That said, we want to know...

S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU rock an ugly holiday sweater this season? If so, how will you style it?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Darby said...

OMG that Ugly Sweater Bottle Cover is TOO cute! HA! I love rocking an ugly holiday sweater--I actually have a vest that is pretty hideous LOL! I'm so excited to be your newest follower so I can stay up to date--LOVE all of your looks for less! I just started a blog and would be so happy if you stop by, check it out, and follow along if you like what you see lovely ladies!
xoxo Darby
Obviously Obsessed