Monday, October 29

Dark and Stormy

Hi, readers! I hope those on the East Coast are faring well in the Frankenstorm. As much as I try, I can't ignore the howling wind outside my apartment, so today's post is inspired the freaky weather. Here, some stormy finds for under $200.00.

Click to enlarge.

Writing this post entertained me for much of the morning, and I hope it helps you pass the time (indoors) as well. If all else fails, try this Dark and Stormy recipe from Esquire.



Diana Marks said...

Love your selection! I'd love to have jumper number 1 - looks cozy and chic ;)

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bianca f said...

love those dark pieces!!

Josie said...

Love that sweater -- hope you're faring okay, ladies!
xo Josie