Sunday, September 23

There Will Be Oxblood

The name "oxblood" may make you squirm, but this dark brown-ish red hue is the color for fall. Not only does the color flatters most skin tones, but it pairs well with an array of other colors. (Read: You can rock your new oxblood clothes and accessories with much of your pre-existing wardrobe.) 

Try it for yourself with these $150.00 and under finds:



Josie said...

I'm kind of in love with this color for fall. "Kind of" meaning "totally."
xo Josie

Tanvi said...

Definitely the color of the season!

∞ © ∞

Whitney Cosgrave said...

I agree, this color is EVERYWHERE. It is pretty chic and seems to go with almost everything so I suppose it makes sense!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

that shade of brown is seriously amazing.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Loving this shade right now–I got an oxblood pedicure the first week of September, and I have been able to make myself pick a new shade since!