Tuesday, September 18

Pin Me

Brooches are among our favorite accessories, so we're very excited that they are back "in" this fall. We have a trove of fabulous ones from the 1940s through the 1960s from our grandmothers, ranging from oversize gold-tone flowers to miniature snowmen (the latter much fun to wear at Christmas, natch). But the majority of them are sparkling crystal bursts, which we love to wear in groups, like the ladies above and below.

Try this style for yourself with these fabulous and under $50.00 options:



Josie said...

I love the pretty vintagey appeal of these!
xo Josie

Sazi Efionayi said...

love the post


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Love this look, but I always struggle to style it myself–here's hoping this will be the fall!

About Last Weekend said...

Loving that first pin, it so classic!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I'm going to have to get some fun brooches in my collection! Very pretty!

Charlottka said...

I like brooches but I haven't anyones!:)