Wednesday, July 18

Adventures: Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Sample Sale

in·cu·ba·tor/ (in´ku-bāt-er): an apparatus for maintaining optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) for growth and development

I attended the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy's Center City's sample sale at the Sofitel Hotel today, which featured beautiful women's clothes and accessories by four amazing local designers. This innovative collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, Macy's Center City, Center City District, educational institutions, and corporate supporters develops and cultivates local fashion design talent and nurtures the city's fashion industry. Through this initiative, PFI designers are given dedicated studio spaces on the third floor of Macy's Center City where they spend one-year making their (moderately priced) wares as Designers-in-Residence (DIR), and learn the ins-and-outs of the fashion industry.

This year's DIRs are... 

-- Kaitlyn Doherty of the edgy women's handbag and clothing line, Kaitlyn Elizabeth;

-- Listless Revival, Creative Director of Heartless Revival, a line of Victorian-meets-Harajuku women's fashions;

-- Melissa D'Agostino of D'Agostino Fashion Textile Design, a collection of hand-dyed women's scarves and wraps and men's ties; 

-- and sisters Latifat Obajinmi and Moriamo Johnson of Aso Damisi, a line of sophisticated women's apparel made from traditional African textiles.

Check out pics from the fun-filled fashion event, and learn more about these designers at their respective links.

Happy Wednesday!



Audrey Allure said...

Looks lovely -- there's some cute items!

About Last Weekend said...

I like the look of those twisty Damisi sarongs, very evocative of tropical places like Lem lem...

Punctuation Mark said...

Love this event!

Ayantika said...

Lovely event !

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