Sunday, June 3

"How to Choose Your Wedding Menu"

Planning your wedding menu can be hard -- it took Michael and I two hours! -- but don't fret! You can incorporate your favorite comfort and speciality foods and still please your guests' taste buds with my tips in this week's post for Bridal Guide magazine's "Real Brides Speak Out" blog. (Trust me, guests will be drooling over these gourmet pigs in a blanket!)



Dale JaneƩ said...

These look so delicious and I have heard it takes a really long time to create a menu! Good luck to both of you


About Last Weekend said...

Yum, we never had a wedding, but picking food for my 50th was just as tricky. In the end we did a lot of Thai things and noodles in wee take-out boxes

Whitney Cosgrave said...

good advice!