Friday, March 16

Look for Less: Marni's Peplum Blouse

Can you guess which of these pretty peplum blouses costs over $500.00, and which costs less than $50.00?

If you picked the blouse on the right as the more expensive top... you'd be wrong! Marni's version (left) retails has that whopping $745.00, but you can get this look for a fraction of that price with Mango's top (right) for just $44.99.

S.S.W. Asks: Which top do you choose?



Alexis Grace said...

I am not in love with a Peplum top---- but you really found a great option!

Tanvi said...

That's a great deal. I love the sleeves and the cut.

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TheChambrayCountess said...

Great find!! I haven't bought myself a peplum top or dress yet, but I like the Mango option a lot bc the sleeves are slim...which would make me look less like a marshmallow or the Michelin Man ;)

Emily said...

I definitely prefer the $44.99 version! It looks much more crisp, and tailored to me.


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Love this!

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ox from NYC!


Lesley said...

I really like mango's version better and not just because it's $450 cheaper!

Tina Lane said...

Ooh, I picked the one on the right as the more expensive one. Don't you love it when that happens?

Rich Girls. said...

peplum tops are my favourite trend right now. especially in white. and yay, i guessed right!
thanks for your comment, sweetie! x.