Tuesday, March 13

Fab Finds: Printed Canvas Kicks for under $50

Canvas sneakers have been popular in the U.S. since the early 1900s. The earliest versions were made for recreational activities, like walking and basketball, and only came in black and white. Today, canvas kicks are used for everyday wear, and are available in myriad prints and patterns. Inspired by a co-worker's recent canvas shoe purchase and my own hunt for a new pair of canvas kicks, I found these fabulous printed canvas sneakers for $50.00 or less. Enjoy!





ElsaD said...

Oh! How nice! As a child, I used to wear them in Summer all the time. They definitely bring me a lot of memories! The designs are super cute! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Tanvi said...

So fun!

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under fashion arrest said...

cool funny shoes! would you like to follow each other?


Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

They're so pretty & stylish..would totally rock 'em..

Josie said...

Cuteee! So fun for summer with shorts. I love the Madewell ones.
xo Josie