Thursday, March 15

Adventures: To Wash or Not to Wash... Is that Really a Question?

Let's start this post with a juicy confession.

I am a complete and total klutz.

I stub my toes on even the slightest of raised surfaces, walk into walls, trip over myself -- you name it. I also can't get through a meal without spilling something on me, so I was unfazed when I dropped a greasy piece of my chicken wrap on my favorite J. Crew jewel-encrusted silk blouse yesterday. (It was a gift from Lynnie, which makes it extra special.) I went to wash it when I got home from work, but checked the tag first. 


Um... really?

I realize that J. Crew's ideal woman -- like this leggy wonder from their website -- probably never spills a drink on herself, accidentally marks her pants with pen, or ever sweats or needs to shower, but real women do all of these things. (In most cases, anyway.) So being explictly told never to clean this article of clothing simply boggled my mind.

J. Crew's clothes are not the priciest, but they certainly aren't cheap. I searched for "spot clean only" women's clothing on their website, and found non-washable tops, skirts, and dresses ranging from $98.00 to $1,400.00 (see below).

Their clothes are also timeless in design and made from high quality fabrics; my few Crew items have been wardrobe staples for a more than a few seasons. Could you imagine the smell if I didn't wash this top for a years!?

So here's what happened next: I decided to give J. Crew the benefit of the doubt, and since the tag instructed me to spot clean only, spot clean I did. And it left huge water marks -- and the greasy stain -- on my shell. So I tried again. And then a third time.

Then I did what most people would do -- I hand-washed it in Woolite and line-dried it in my shower. Other than a few wrinkles, the shirt is perfectly fine. If only the tag had said that in the first place.

S.S.W. Asks: Have you owned a "spot clean only" garment before? Did you clean this item? If so, how?



Punctuation Mark said...

i learned that lesson the hard way... always check on the instructions because like you say... i'm a real woman!

Emily said...

I don't think I've owned anything that said 'spot clean only.' For heaven's sake, if you can clean portions of it, you can clearly clean the whole thing! A lot of my 'dry clean only' stuff gets handwashed with gentle detergent in cold water and line-dried, and it comes out just fine. Following that technique, I've had only one minor crisis with a fifty-year-old antique that had no label whatsoever. I'll have to take it to a cleaner to see if the spotting from the dye running and the wrinkles can be removed. Fingers crossed!

BeautifulByNature said...

Wow I know that must have been an ordeal...I would be freakin out. I usually try to follow that "tags" directions...and if it doesnt work...just go my own way just like you lol. Glad everything turned out ok!

Josie said...

That is SO weird. But I'm glad your shirt's okay!
xo Josie

trishie said...

Good job on cleaning the stain off yourself! I get really upset with myself when i drop food on my silk/wool clothes but can't say i own anything that can't be dry clean or hand washed. phew!

The white cabbage said...

I do as you did !

just put into lukewarm water and Woolite ..... good result ....
they put this on the label as they don't want to have claims and pay refusal



hey dear I have a couple of tag questions for you on my blog. Hope you will check it out and join the game :)


hey dear I have a couple of tag questions for you on my blog. Hope you will check it out and join the game :)

Tanvi said...

I am with Emily on this. I need to clean my clothes ... at least dry clean???

∞ © ∞

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I have a French dry cleaners for things that obviously need to washed, but I try to avoid anything that gives me a headache like that!

ElsaD said...

Great post, Jackie! I am a huge fan of Woolite! xoxo

Boye By Red said...

Ooo, this post was full of suspense!
Good to hear that you saved the shirt in the end.
I have never seen a spot only clean tag before but a lot of the garments say dry clean only. I think the manufacturers want to cover themsleves in case the clothes get accidentally dmamged in the machine.
Old fashion hand wash usually does the trick!