Friday, March 16

"Do You Have Post-Wedding Jitters?"

Michael and I (center) with my sisters, parents, and future brother-in-law

Michael and I are 100 days away from getting hitched, but I can't help but wonder -- what happens after the wedding? Will it be too hard to leave my family? How else will my life change once I'm Mrs. Battiato? Regardless of your relationship status, I'm sure you can understand my jitters. Read all about them and share your thoughts in my latest post for Bridal Guide magazine's "Real Brides Speak Out" blog.



E said...

Awwww, it's a little scary-seeming, but I promise it's a great change! Enjoy being engaged, too!

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous couple... So exciting!
I've never been married before, but I can imagine that jitters are completely normal :)
Will have to check out your feature ~ congrats!


Ann said...

Best wishes and goodluck.


i ask myself same questions all the time

aguja said...

A bit late for that as we have been married for forty one years ... but, at the time, I felt only happiness and joy - no jitters I'm afraid ..... and we had only known one another for a short while, so I would have had good cause.
My advice to you is to just concentrate on being yourself and everything will fall into place.