Tuesday, March 27

"Best Stores for Style Bargains in NYC"

We’ve all shared e-mails and recycled lists of recommended spots -- either for an insider’s travel tips to a city, or simply where to eat a good meal in a specific neighborhood. Urbantag gives you a single platform to share places with people you trust, ensuring your favorites are always available, social and fresh.

Last month, Urbantag asked us to make a map of our Best Stores for Style Bargains in NYC. As you know, Lynnie and I believe great fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune, and over the years we've become pretty saavy bargain shoppers. Now we're sharing our tips with you as our Urbantag bargain shopping map goes live tomorrow! (Wahoo!) View it here and access it on the go by downloading the Urbantag iPhone app. Be sure to follow our map for updates on new places to shop in NYC for a fabulous frugal find!

S.S.W. Asks: What are your favorite stores for a style bargain?


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ElsaD said...

Wohoo! I'll keep this very handy for my upcoming trip to NYC -in July!- I'll let you guys know! XOXO