Sunday, February 5

Adventures: Jason Wu for Target

It's finally here!! ("It" being the Jason Wu for Target collection, of course.) Kevin and I set out early this morning to check out the collection in our local Target stores. Thanks Kev for being a good sport!

Our first stop was the Target in South Philadelphia, where much of the apparel was still in stock. Unfortunately for me, most of it was not available in my size. That said, if you are 10-14 or L and XL and in the area, head there now!

I did manage to pick up this Sleeveless Top with Sheer Panel in Navy Floral, but couldn't find the matching skirt in my size.

Determined to find the skirt, we then headed to the Target store by the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the racks were mostly empty, and what was left was again not in my size.

Rather than lament my skirt-less situation, we headed home to savor our limited success... and these wild blueberry scones!

S.S.W. Asks: Did you shop the Jason Wu for Target collection? Share your story with us!



Emily said...

Cute top; matches those gorgeous scones! ;-)

I am so wary of wearing floaty tops with skirts; I feel like I'll look like a Christmas tree!

Is this concern unfounded?? Do tell!


Tanvi said...

The racks weren't empty at the Target here (and I went at 2:30pm) but what I wanted wasn't there :( The Light blue Skirt! ... This was the first collaboration I went to check out.

♡ from ©

Josie said...

Honestly, I didn't even try. I just knew I'd be painfully discouraged.
xo Josie

SewPetiteGal said...

I love that mesh top! I saw it in the store but didn't really think much of it until I saw a blogger style it perfectly. Now I'm very much regretting not trying it on.

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

We got there minutes before the store opened, so we pretty much opened with the store. They had almost everything in all sizes, except the white dress - wanted it so bad:(. So, I would say we got lucky this time, the Missoni for Target was a total miss.

Have a great week.

Luis said...

Your top is gorgeous! I personally wasn't obsessed with the Jason Wu for Target collaboration, because they had no menswear items. :(


Luis (my blog!)

shopgirl said...

I wish we had shops like Target in Italy - sigh.


Jenna Hughes said...

my targets were madhouse. sucks to live in a big city for these type of things. i didn't get anything.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I skipped this one. I think some of the pieces are cute, but they aren't really me. Kevin is a great sport!