Monday, February 20

Giveaway RESULTS: Body Central's Crystal Accented Disc Earrings

Our Body Central's Crystal Accented Disc Earrings giveaway ended today, and we're excited to announce that the winner is Elsa D. of Café Society XXI! Although the winner was chosen at random, Elsa wrote that she would wear them "with some fabulous sandals on the same colors/tones and also maybe golden bracelets. Those would make the outfit. As for clothes, I would keep it super simple: either white tank top and shorts, maxi dress, flirty mini dress." We look forward to seeing how she styles them!

Thanks to all those who entered! Stay tuned for more Body Central product reviews and giveaways!


1 comment:

ElsaD said...

I have no words to express my gratefulness! This means the world to me! Of course I love the earrings, no question about it...but I love much more what this represents: First of all, I started my own blog a month ago, as I want to expose my life, thoughts, dreams and experiences through my writing. From the very beginning, I thought that good things would come through that...The earrings will now represent that 'sign' that tells me to keep going no matter what, and to keep that passion for writing alive!

Also, I read this email last night on my blackberry, when I was about to have dinner with my boyfriend, who was leaving the country today -he lives in Germany-, the whole surprise put a sweet smile on our melancholic faces! :)

I guess that's also part of the magic of 'blogging': you have no idea how you can magically touch anybody's life

Again, thanks so much for this!

Of course, will be sending you some pics with the earrings! :) Hope you like them!