Tuesday, December 27

Adventures: Decadent Desserts

If you're family is like ours, then enough food to feed a small army was made this Christmas and you're still enjoying holiday leftovers. (And will be for the next week.) Our family loves desserts, and among the many sweet treats made for this year's Christmas celebration were...

...this Oreo chocolate chip cheesecake, baked by me and our momma,

...and seven layer cookies by our big sister, The Rescue Baker.

But if we want to fit into our swimsuits by summer, we're going to need calorie-free sugar fixes in the new year. Here we've found some dessert-inspired goodies to help satisfy our sweet tooths!

P. J. Salvage Cupcake Choices Pajama Set, $46.95

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Hot Chocolate Charm in Gold, $58.00

Philosophy "The Gingerbread Man" Hot Salt Body Scrub, $25.00



Dale said...

Yum! That chocolate chip cheesecake looks so delicious. Love the PJ pic too and I always get them for Christmas.


Kassi said...

Mmmm that food looks amazing. And yes, My family is totally like that. So much food, it's ridiculous. Hope you had a very happy holiday!


Tanvi said...

Oh! This is like torture 'coz I am not getting sleep and was hungry and bam! landed on your blog. I need some cheesecake now! :P

♡ from © tanvii.com

Rachel said...

All of this looks soo tasty! Soo hungry right now lol. Happy holidays!
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Josie said...

Your cheesecake looks AMAZING! I've been in a sugar coma for days. It's a disaster.
xo Josie

Mimi said...

ooooh that cheesecake looks delicious! and the seven layer cookie is so interesting, i've never had that before. ;)

<3, Mimi

shooting star said...

yumm cakes and cookies..and yummy would this gingerbread body scrub will be...i can just imagine!!!

season's greetings

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

YUM, I have a huge sweet tooth and these all look so amazing! Those PJs are adorable and a salt body scrubs sounds amazing.

Happy New Year!

Noelani said...

I am still recovering from my OD on holiday sweets- but funny how I can't resist a post with a pretty cheesecake?? Hope you have a wonderful NY and even better 2012!