Monday, January 26

Tried & Tested: Uncommon Goods

 What makes a memory?
 Often my work (as a blogger, writer and curator) explores the history – the collective memory, if you will – of different clothes, accessories and fashion trends. So perhaps it’s no surprise then that when sustainable retailer Uncommon Goods asked me to review products from its website, I chose products that – in my mind – touch on different kinds of memory.

Uncommon Goods offers unique and handcrafted products that are created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people (check out some here). Most of the products that they carry are created in the United States, and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled/upcycled materials (a.k.a. materials with histories and memories already tied to them). Uncommon Goods’s wares include metal Forget Me Not rings to ceramic tasting plates, which were my products of choice.

While tying a knot around one's finger has always served as a reminder of an important task or moment in time, Kiel Mead’s Forget Me Knot hand-cast sterling silver ring is a lovely twist on this tradition. The ring is very lightweight and easy to wear, making it not only a great fit for special occasions but also for day-to-day wear. Mead designed the ring to serve as permanent reflection and celebration of memories – like the kind that form when family and friends gather around the table for a good meal.

With the celebration of memories in mind, it seemed especially apropos to wear the ring – which I had already been sporting for a week – when Kevin and I sat down for snacks (+ wine) this past weekend. As we filled our new tasting plate with cheese, crackers and four different dips (each neatly separated in its own slot), we set out to make a lovely new memory of our own. Uncommonly good, indeed.


Tuesday, January 20

Obsessions: Modern Monochrome

Modern Monochrome

Black and white fashions are Mod no more! Instead of the typical Sixties redux, designers are offering edgy takes on this classic color combination for Spring 2015, especially for cocktail dresses. Whether split top to bottom, straight down the middle, or across the shoulder, black and white dresses with creative color blocks abound. Explore this trend in the splurge-worthy styles above.

S.S.W. Asks: Will YOU try the modern monochrome trend? 


Monday, January 19

The Hollywood Issue

I am delighted to share BELLA NYC/Long Island's Hollywood Issue featuring cover girl Olivia Munn! Much as its title suggests, the issue spotlights the best of Hollywood, including the best of celebrity award season style. I had a blast working on this season's fashion features, from a spotlight on 1970s fashions, which are making a big comeback this spring, to an interview with Michael Smaldone, Creative Director of Adrianna Papell. Get it now here.