Tuesday, April 15

"Philly Salon C’est Moi Celebrates Hello Philly!"

Girl Around Town: Philly Salon C’est Moi Celebrates Hello Philly!
Celebrity stylist and C’est Moi owner Brenda Bell. Courtesy of TFisher Photography.

I continue my Philadelphia coverage for Girl Around Town with a post on C’est Moi Salon, who celebrated a successful Hello Philly! Event on April 5th. Learn more about this beauty-filled gathering and the salon's signature services here.


Tuesday, April 8

"On Location with Fashion Curator Laura Camerlengo"

Me, doing my fashion curator thing
Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Coclico, makers of ecologically-conscious women's shoes, who interviewed me for their company blog. I've been a fan of the shoe brand since reading about them in Elizabeth Cline’s Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. Like me, Coclico is obsessed with clothes and accessories that can stand the test of time. In my interview, which is now posted on their website, I talk about my work as fashion curator (awesome!), my favorite fashion icons (Audrey!), the styles I am craving for spring (Coclico shoes galore!), and much more. Click here to see the full feature.
Thanks, Coclico, for the great post!

Saturday, April 5

Tried & Tested: SammyDress.com's Graceful Sleeveless Pleated Dress

Last month I was invited to join SammyDress.com's i-Try Program. SammyDress.com is a global online fashion retail company that offers high quality, trendy clothing at factory direct prices. Their i-Try Program allows select bloggers to sample the company's many style-setting fashions and give their feedback. As I am all about wallet-friendly fashion, I was delighted to give one of their products a try.
I ordered their Graceful Sleeveless Pleated Dress - a simple, sleeveless shirtdress with an elastic waistband and midi-length pleated skirt. (If you recall from this post, I am a BIG fan of shirtdresses, which have been a women's wardrobe staple since the mid-twentieth century.) Although it did take a long time for the dress to arrive (about three weeks), once it did, I was enamored of it. Not only does the dress fit well and feel great on, but it is really well-made. Check out this close-up shot for a better look:

 And the best part? The dress retails for just $11.00! ($11.00, people?!) Now pick your jaw off of the floor and log on to SammyDress.com to see all of their affordable styles for yourself.