Tuesday, October 14

Obsessions: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

In 1896, Vogue asked, “What else is Bohemia but liberty dashed with license and freedom from...conventions?” Although they were writing about bohemian living at the time, the same question could also be asked of bohemian fashion, both then and now. This two-hundred-year-old trend has meant different things throughout its history; speaking generally, it usually refers to exotic alternatives to the accepted fashions of a given period. This fall, bohemian style manifests as extraordinary clothes and accessories made from rich suedes and tapestry fabrics, and embellished with fringe, tassels, and embroidery. Break your wardrobe free of convention with these splurge-worthy bohemian finds.


Monday, September 22

Obsessions: Sergio Rossi's "Colourful Beauty" Collection

 Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern, The Independent; Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2015, Ronald Seto.

I've admired Henri Matisse's colorful cut-outs since adolescence. In my late teens, I worked at a contemporary paintings gallery in Chelsea, where the owner kept one such artwork in the bathroom. (Needless to say, but it made trips to the loo very enjoyable.) These lively compositions of color and form are considered some of Matisse's best works, made later in the artist's career between 1937 and 1954. And they've been getting extra attention lately, thanks to the hugely popular exhibition Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, which debuted at the Tate Modern earlier this year and is now on view at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

The artworks are not only popular with the public, but with fashion designers as well, including Sergio Rossi, whose "Colourful Beauty" women's shoe collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was a tribute to these compositions. Not only did Matisse's vibrant shapes and colors inspire the line, but as the Italian shoe purveyor explains, "As in a work by Matisse, creativity finds body in the most skillful technique; it benefits from the culture of craftsmanship and constant stylistic research, which has always distinguished the world of Sergio Rossi." See the full collection here.


Thursday, September 18

BELLA NYC: The Fall 2014 Fashion Issue

BELLA NYC's Fall Fashion issue is here, and it's chock-full of cold-weather style tips, tricks and trends! Stylish tennis star Ana Ivanovic graces the cover, and inside you'll find my exclusive interview with famed fashion designer Anna Sui. I've been a fan of Sui's work since I was a teen, and was delighted to meet her earlier this year. When she agreed to an interview, I actually pinched myself! (#dreamcometrue) She is not only a fashion powerhouse with 65 boutiques, 95 accessory stores and 200 beauty counters worldwide, plus an incredible array of Chinoiserie-meets-Art Deco-inspired fashions out for Fall/Winter 2014, but a truly lovely person, too. Snag your copy from these newsstands now!